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Who am I?

Hi there my Friend!

As you probably already figured out if you landed on this page….my name is Amber.  First off, it is so nice to meet you!  Thank you for being here!

Secondly, you may have some questions about who I am and what I’m about.  So let me try and answer the proverbial question of “who are you?”

I am a divine being.

I am a mother.

I am a loyal friend.

I am a loving partner.

I am a mermaid (but seriously though…I am).

I am ME.

Two years ago I started on a journey to be a health coach.  What I quickly realized is that I cannot help someone with their physical health if I do not first address their mental health.  I cannot help someone with their mental health if I do not address their emotional health.  And lastly I cannot help someone with their emotional health if I cannot guide them back to the infinite knowledge of SELF.

Say whaaa?!  Knowledge of self?! Like, wtf does that mean?!

Well here is my answer….knowledge of self means communication.  Learning how to communicate with yourself and as a byproduct learning how to communicate with others.  

I get it….communication is challenging for EVERYONE.  We are taught to look outside of ourselves for information, validation, love, approval and respect.   What I am here to do is guide you back to the truth of who you ARE.  You are perfect, whole and divine.  I am here to guide you back to your voice, so you can speak your truth with clarity and conviction, detached from the outcome or the other person’s response.  I am here to guide you to what you already know – that your TRUTH does not need to be understood by anyone else in order for it to be true. 

“But seriously, Amber.  How did you get here?”

I’m a firm believer that coaches, guides, mentors, etc teach the things that they have needed to learn the most and will continue to learn during their lifetime.

I grew up in a household that was loving AND challenging.  I grew up keeping to myself, not voicing my opinions or my feelings because it was easier and felt safer not to.  This led me to find relationships and friendships where it was easier to cater to their needs, wants and desires instead of my own. 

The words, “I don’t care.  Whatever you want to _____ (do, have, eat, etc)” were common place.  And if I really did have something to say, a feeling to express or anything that may be perceived as “negative” I wrote those words down and practiced saying them outloud like I was giving a speech.  

Seriously.  I have so many old notes in my phone where I went over every single word with a magnifying glass looking to see if it could be received in a negative way.  Heaven forbid someone got mad at me.  Please NO! 

When I did finally start using my voice the very worst thing happened….. those people left.  Relationships ended.  Thirty year friendships gone.  My heart broke and all I could think was “what was the point?”  This just confirmed what I already believed – speaking your truth was dangerous, my feelings and words could not be trusted, I would only be abandoned in the end.

At least that’s what I thought at the time.

But the beautiful thing is I learned that having those conversations and experiences created SPACE for more aligned and powerful relationships to happen.  We live in a world that is ruled by Universal Laws.  One of which is there cannot be a vacuum of space.  Meaning if something leaves something else will take it’s place.  

I now have a partner that I can have all the messy conversations with.  I have friendships were we honor, support and encourage each other.  I no longer need to write things down with the intent to edit, water down or practice saying them outloud.  I can just say them.  Knowing that everything happens FOR me and my evolution.  But also knowing that I can TRUST my feelings as my own guidance system and truth.  

Finding aligned relationships, friendships, experiences – an aligned life- comes from observation, awareness and communication with SELF and OTHERS.  That happens when you are willing to dig deep, ask yourself the hard questions and listen for the answers that come from within.  The real magic happens when you can express those feelings, deeply knowing their truth and the power of change that can happen.

How do you express yourself when you’ve had a lifetime of silence, quietly bottling things up until you explode or worse implode in on yourself?




More practice.

Going deeper.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

Your voice is just like any other muscle. When you start to workout the muscles may be sore.  You may experience pain and discomfort.  But you also experience joy and fulfillment because you know you’re getting stronger and more resilient. 

Why do I guide women back to their voice?

Because I have a very deep belief that the most powerful creatures on the planet are women (and I’m not just saying that because I am one).  Women have the power to create, to feel, to hold space for others, to nurture.  Women have a capacity for love, compassion and empathy that is unlike any other.  And we’ve been taught to direct those powers outward first.  The time to change that narrative is now.

How well can you take care of someone?

How much do you love them?

How valuable are you? 

How worthy are you?

And if you direct that love, compassion, and willingness to do anything towards yourself first how quickly do you argue you that your time, energy and effort is best directed elsewhere?  Are you able to receive that love from yourself? Are you kind to yourself?

If the answer is no – how much more powerful do you think you could be if you started with YOU first?  

My answer and belief (should you need to borrow it while you build your own) is that you are unlimited in your power to create an aligned life, a full embodied version of who you really are meant to be before the world told you otherwise.  You are here to create a life that you love, with relationships that are fulfilling because you deserve it.  And you deserve it not just because of what you can do for others. You deserve it because you are YOU – a divine human being.  

So, together we’ll guide you back to you.

Trusting yourself.

Respecting yourself.

Believing in yourself and your limitless power and potential.

Feeling your strength.

Using your voice.

I see you.

I love you.