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Knowledge is Power

In 2015 I was dating a super emotionally unavailable man. (Hi- my name is Amber and I had/ sometimes still have codependent tendencies.  So no wonder I attracted someone who was emotionally unavailable….but I digress).

I started doing Google searches because Google for sure had all the answers, right? And in this instance, led me to my very first course.  It was exactly what I needed to learn.  

(PS- you wanna know the key to getting your partner to pay attention to you? Start by taking back all the energy that you are giving away and focus it on yourself- make yourself happy, have your own interests, be your own person.  Thanks, @jaysongaddis.  This lesson was key to me finding the amazing relationship that I have now.)

That course started me on a 6 YEAR journey of knowledge seeking. I took classes, freebies, webinars, courses, books, podcasts, anything I could get my hands on related to so many topics.

*Personal development
*Inner child work
*Etc Etc Etc

I LOVE knowledge.  I love learning new things.  I love going deep down the rabbit hole of things that interest me.  BUT it also created a pattern of always looking for “the missing piece”.  That somehow, someone, somewhere had a piece of knowledge that would take me to my next level, would make me “better, smarter, more successful, healed” etc.  I couldn’t even think about trying to solve a problem with my own brilliance – always seeking validation and asking someone else if what I want to do is right.  

This pattern has taught me that if you do not take the time to IMPLEMENT and INTEGRATE the things you’ve learned into your daily habits and practices real change and evolution can’t happen.  Now you’re just someone with more knowledge and therefore more guilt because you “know better”.  Someone who is always misplacing your trust with outside sources.

So I have given myself the challenge of not consuming any new content, classes, etc for the next 6 months (so if everyone that I love to learn from could just not put out any new programs during that time it would be greaaaat.  LOL)

During this time I’m going to dive deep into what I already know.  Mastery comes from practice.  It’s like learning a new sport – you don’t move to hitting home runs without first learning how to swing a bat consistently. 

This is how I work with clients too.  I am here to guide you back to the truth that already resides within you.  Knowing that there is ALWAYS time for integration.  In fact, some of the most profound weeks that my clients have been during the times that we do not have a scheduled call.  It’s during these weeks that you can take the time to let the newfound awareness settle deeper into your body.  New thought habits and patterns can now be a part of your “normal”.  The best way to accomplish that is to give yourself time and compassion, practice, and grace.  

And here’s the real TRUTH – you already have all the knowledge that you need within you.  Right now.  There is no “missing piece”.  You are whole and perfect just the way you are.  You are connected to the Divine.  Your magic and wisdom already exist inside your body.  You just have to listen.  

So, I’m listening.

Are you?

With Love