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Holy Motherhood, honoring your seasons

Do you honor your seasons?

And I’m not just talking about monthly seasons, seasons of growth, seasons of death and rebirth. I am talking about your daily seasons.

Do you check in with yourself and pay attention to what your body, your heart and your soul are telling you?

Or do you rush off to do the never ending list of things on your to do list?

Do you “power through” to get things done even when they may not be emergent or necessary?

Right now, I am learning how to honor my seasons while working a job, creating my own business and working for myself, motherhood, partnership, friendship, and all the other bajillion facets of me.

For most of my life, especially in adulthood, I would ignore my own feelings, needs, desires, intuitive nudges and just go about my day. Checking things off the list, doing all the things I thought I “should” be doing or the things someone else expected me to do. Maybe that’s been you too. And then you know that shit is exhausting.

Listen, there are times when we need to get things done, take care of the kids, deal with deadlines and emergencies. Okay cool. Do those things.

And when those “fires” are out, find time to check back in with yourself. And ask “what do I need in this moment? What feels good to me?”

Our lives are not meant to be lived in a constant state of self sacrifice and neglect. Our lives are meant to be filled with happiness and fulfillment. And that comes from living in alignment with yourself FIRST. You get to go first.

Today, sending an email to your beautiful soul feels good. Learning something new feels good. Taking dinner to my grandparents feels good. Sinking deeper into my relationship with my children and finding different ways to support them feels good. All the other things on my “to do” list gets to wait until I have the energy and bandwidth for it.

So, this is really just a loving reminder that you are doing such a good job. I see how hard you’re working and how fiercely you love and take care of your people. Just remember you get to rest and love yourself just as much. So cut out the noise telling you what you “should” be doing and listen to your voice, your own unique guidance and intuition.

I see you. I hear you. I love you,