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Last month I ended a 16 year relationship…..

Last month I ended a 16 year relationship….. with my breast implants. Have you ever stayed in a relationship that deep down you knew wasn’t good for you?  Maybe there were toxic patterns or it felt one sided?  Or maybe you knew it was time for it to end but it just felt really scary […]

“Keeping the peace” creates war within

I used to spend all of my moments like a chameleon – always blending in, staying silent on the sidelines and being whatever color “they” wanted me to be.    I didn’t speak up when my feelings were hurt. I said yes when I wanted to say no. I always answered with “we can do […]

Your Opinion

“Your opinion doesn’t matter.” Those words have floated through my mind on conscious/ unconscious levels since I was a child.  Every time I thought something that went against the “norm”.  Every time I had questions.  Every time I went to share my thoughts, feelings and opinions those words would creep into my psyche. I would […]